Labels Not Just For Kids.

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Most people just think you need labels for school/nursery. Not true. Labels are used in many situations, here are some examples.

Care homes. Labels aren’t just needed to help young children track their clothes and belongings, but the elderly too. Care homes are Easy2name’s second top customer base. Many customers are now ordering labels for their children as well as their parents. Older people enter a home and every item of clothing they have will end up going to a massive laundry so things can easily go astray. Easy2name labels are helping to solve this problem and by naming clothes hope that they are returned to the correct person. The Easy2name Easytag system is our biggest seller to care homes.

Personalised Name Labels - Easy onTry our reusable no iron no sew EasyTag labelling system! It’s an easy and great way to label your clothes with this personalised etched button name tag.

Source: EasyTag snappy button name tags and tapes by Easy2name

The craft industry. Crafting is a real trend now, lots of people are making and selling their own items. From knitted and sewn toys to crocheted clothing items, it all needs to be labelled so you know where it has come from, and hopefully these small businesses get repeat custom. There are legal regulations that need to be met and we can embroider labels for the products so everything is above board.

Teddy Bear and Personalised LablelsEnsure your toys have safety labels that conform to the toy safety regulations 1989. They are available in a huge selection of background and lettering colours.

Source: Sew on toy labels and safety labels by Easy2name

Going on a trip? Make sure your luggage is labelled too. So many suitcases and bags look the same on a conveyor belt. Make sure you pick yours up instead of someone else’s. Easy2name sell personalised luggage straps and bag tags, don’t delay, get yours now.

Personalised Luggage TagPrevent your suitcase from becoming lost with our personalised woven luggage straps. They are extremely strong and stay securely fastened during your journey.

Source: Personalised woven luggage straps and tags by Easy2name

So next time you think labels are just for school , think again, there’s a whole world out there to get lost in!

The Easy2name Team.


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