January 2020 Detox Plan – Healthy Recipe Ideas

Detox diet - homemade salad

Many people feel it’s time for your body to recover from the Christmas excesses! January is the perfect period of the year to let your body detoxify by combining a healthy diet and regular sports. Discover how to maintain a healthy diet during 2020 and find out some healthy recipe ideas.

Post-Christmas, our bodies are usually very acidic because of the extra sugar we have consumed during the festive period. Sometimes, our immune system will be depressed and more prone to bad colds.

To build strong immunity during 2020, you must ensure your body is receiving all the nutrients that it needs, by eating properly, getting a good sleep and practising good personal hygiene.

Also, it’s recommended to drink plenty of water and eat green leafy vegetables, organic plant foods and the highest-quality animal foods. At Easy2name we’ll give you some recipe ideas to follow a successful detox plan for January -and ideally for the rest of the year:

Detox Plan Breakfast:

Porridge with strawberries and blueberries

  • Banana, blueberry and strawberry porridge – reduce stomach bloating thanks to high fibre levels!

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  • Fruit smoothie – add a bunch of fruits and do a different smoothie for every day!

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  • Muesli and yoghurt – cook your handmade muesli made from oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit served with natural yoghurt.

Detox Plan Lunches

Mediterranean salad

  • Mediterranean salad with rice cakes – satisfy your hunger by serving your salads with rice cakes!

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  • Vegan lentil soup – with a good source of proteins you will be fuelled up all day long.

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  • Jacket potato with grilled cod – try to avoid a high amount of butter and cheese. Create your healthy jacket potato.

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Detox Plan Dinners

Salmon with vegetables

  • Baked salmon with vegetables and potatoes – quick and easy recipe!

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  • Chinese vegetable stir fry – select your favourite veggies and serve it with brown rice. A great combination will be spring onions, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and beansprouts in a little olive oil with garlic.

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  • Chicken and Cauliflower Rice Soup – Add as many herbs as you like!

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What should you avoid in January 2020?

Food such as sweet fruits or juices, breads, cookies, pastries, sweets, dairy, cheese, fried food, canned food, nuts, alcohol, oils, salt or sugar, should be completely avoided in a detox diet!

However, extremes are never good, so you should set a realistic goal and educate yourself to find a consistent healthy diet plan that fits your preference. Also, following these detox plans during work sometimes can be difficult, so we suggest organising your weekly lunchboxes for you and your family!

Make sure to name label your lunchboxes and Tupperware boxes with our assorted designs of dishwasher, steriliser and microwave safe name labels to ensure you can differentiate each lunch. Discover our full range of labels and stickers and follow your detox plan for 2020!

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