Introduce Your Children To the World Of Fitness

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The summer has ended and it’s time for your children to return to their routine. Parents have the opportunity to lead their children into a healthy lifestyle by providing them with a well-balanced diet and encouraging them to exercise to burn those extra summer calories.

Find out why it’s important to introduce educational fitness habits while they are young, so they can build some physical and mental strengths that will help them in their development!

Benefits of sports for Children:

Team sports, fitness games and a healthy diet is the perfect combination for your children! As mentioned before, a healthy lifestyle can offer more than just physical benefits for your child, it also helps them emotionally and mentally, and frames social aspects that children will develop in school.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that your child can enjoy while practising sports:

  • Make your child jump, dance, run, no matter the way but the most important thing is to get your child in the groove! This will help to reduce the risk of obesity by increasing cardiovascular fitness.
  • Every day exercise will help your children grow stronger bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, so they can be unstoppable! Also, sports will help to increase flexibility, improve balance and coordination, and lose weight.
  • A fitness lifestyle also helps your child to achieve better sleep, as they will need to rest well to return the next day with their batteries recharged!
  • A bunch of exercises will also have mental health benefits, such as improving self-confidence, Boosts Brainpower and reduces the risk of depression.
  • Through sports, kids learn about time management and discipline too. These strengths will be enhanced if your child joins a sports team, as their teammates will often support each other!

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Tips to install a Healthy Lifestyle for children:

We all know that a fitness lifestyle is highly beneficial for your child, but how can parents pass down the values of exercise and the benefits of having a healthy diet onto their children? At Easy2name we have the best 6 tips to introduce your children to fitness:

  1. Be physically active yourself

The best example for your kids is yourself. Your child will be your reflection and they will follow in of your footsteps, so your decisions as parents are decisive to build the personality of your children!

If you have free time, don’t spend the whole day on the sofa! Grab a pair of trainers and go for a woodland walk with your kids. Spend your free time with your children while practising physical activities, it’s the best way to show them you are active.

If the woods are too far away from home, activities such as bowling, going to the zoo, having a picnic in the park or even doing the gardening of your home will be enough to show them that you always have something to do.

  1. Family outdoor activities

Outdoor activities build strong relationships between families, and kids also love spending time with their parents. This also encourages them to practise sports in the future.

Family trips are ideal for this. Any event that involves everyone getting out and about will contribute to the family’s health and fitness. For example, ice skating, fruit picking or horse riding is something that can be enjoyed by all the family and will also involve burning plenty of calories in the route!

Family Ice Skating

  1. Encourage your children to walk or ride a bike.

Another alternative to introduce a fitness lifestyle for your children is by teaching them to walk or ride their bicycle for short trips, rather than relying on you to drive them. This will help to refresh their minds during the journey and will provide the best energy to start the day.

Without knowing it, they will get used to this routine and they will boost their metabolism rate. This means that your kid will be able to burn their bodies’ food energy faster and get rid of toxins and fats in your child’s bodies.

  1. Build a routine for your children

Morning and bedtime routines are fundamental to have a healthier lifestyle. Good sleep and rules such as dinners without dessert, will help your child to get used to a healthy routine soon. This isn’t an easy task for parents especially if you have small rebels at home, so you must be patient! If your children get used to bad habits such as eating chocolate before bed or going to sleep at different times every night, this can disrupt your child’s rest which will affect their energy levels and ruin your efforts of teaching them some fitness values.

  1. Children Sports: Outdoor or Indoor Activities

Team sports such as football, basketball, dancing, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, cricket and baseball, are great ways to increase your child’s social skills as they will teach them how to work as a team. Also, sport is a great way to teach kids that sometimes they can lose, but with extra effort, they can improve and hopefully win the next matches!

  1. Provide a balanced diet for your child

Each meal should include a piece of fruit as a dessert or include vegetables in their main meal to provide all the vitamins that their body needs! The best way to introduce some of the less successful veggies such as broccoli, onion or brussels sprouts into their dishes, is by mixing them with the food they like the most! Even if they don’t want to eat their veggies because they can see the ‘unappetising’ green colour, you can now be a great magician and make them disappear! Mix all the veggies that your child doesn’t like and add them to each of their meals. A few years into this routine they will start to love them!

Also, a good idea to make your children eat veggies would be letting them participate in the process of preparing food. Not only will it teach your child how to cook they will get more familiar with the vegetables! They will enjoy more while they are eating and they will get more familiar with the greens!

Family Cooking

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