How to travel stress free with children

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Holidays should be a time to rest and recuperate but travelling with children in tow can be pretty stressful.

Here are Easy2name’s top tips on how to organise yourself and reduce those stress levels. Easy 2 Name - 514

1. Label your children’s clothes, swimming/beach towels, rucksacks and beakers, especially if you will be using Kids’ Clubs – things will go missing! Do also look into getting ID Wristbands so you can label the children with your contact details.

2. Lost luggage is a nightmare. Luggage Straps will aid easy identification. Rather than filling one suitcase per person, pack a couple of daytime and evening outfits for everyone in each case so you can all get started while the airline track down the missing bag.

3. Add a small ‘emergency bag’ to your hand luggage, include plasters, tissues, paracetamols, cotton wool, safety pins, wet wipes and a few sweeties (for bribing and wiping away tears).

4. Pack spare clothes in your hand luggage just in case there are any accidents.

5. Always allow yourself to have plenty of time at the airport, especially having young children things usually take a lot longer than planned.

6. Check the latest restrictions on hand luggage before travelling. The more stringent regulations relate to carrying liquids, gels and creams, which includes baby foods, drinks and nappy cream. The standard instructions are not to carry over 100ml of any single item, although exceptions are usually made for essential medicines or supplies for children under two.

7. Travelling can be very boring indeed especially for children. Whatever form of travel you are using pack the kids their own backpack with all their favourite toys and games, i.e. books, guessing games, dolls and crayons. Many travel games can be played as competitions or just to pass the time and quite often appeal to all the family. Portable DVD players and iPod’s will keep your kids entertained for hours, may be worth investing in one! Don’t forget some headphones so the music or movie does not disturb the driver. And again label it all with Stickers, if it is left behind somewhere, it could then be reunited with you later on.

8. Children always become irritable when they are hungry. Make sure you bring plenty of travel friendly snacks, such as fruit, cereal bars and sandwiches.

Happy travelling!

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