How to label everything quickly!

Personalised name label for children clothes

Label things quickly with Easy2name’s Sticky Starter Pack

Our Sticky Starter Pack is the perfect option for anyone looking to label their children’s belongings easily and quickly. With no need to get out the needle and thread or the iron this pack is made for busy mums. Our hugely popular StickEasys for the clothes are included. They are designed to stick to the care tag inside clothes. They will stay stuck through the washing machine and tumble dryer… yes really! They are particularly useful for things that cannot be ironed such as waterproof sports jackets.

Name Labels

Below is how to label the clothing:

1. Stick the label firmly to the care tag or label in neck area (Do not apply direct to the garment/fabric)
2. Wait 24 hours before washing the clothes to allow for maximum adhesion.
So simple, you cannot go wrong!

Also included in the pack is our Stick on Labels for all other belongings. These labels really will stay stuck… for years! Even in the dishwasher, steriliser or microwave. Suggested uses are lunchboxes, beakers, tupperware, books and stationary. They can also be used inside shoes with the application of our Shoe Label Covers which are a clear cover designed to be stuck over the top of the Stick on Labels. This prevents the name from rubbing off where the feet rub against them inside the shoes. With 9 different colours to choose from including Fluorescent Orange and Green, the Stickers really do stand out.

Stick on labels

Below is how to label the belongings:

1.  Stick the label on a smooth, clean dry surface
2.  Wait 24 hours before washing/dishwashing the items for maximum adhesion
3.  For use in shoes, stick to the sole of the shoe and apply clear shoe covers over the top

Label your belongings


The Sticky Starter Pack is dispatched within 1 working day via 1st Class Royal Mail. We also offer next day delivery for anyone who needs them urgently at an extra cost.

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