How To Entertain The Kids When Working From Home

table calendar
  • Set A Timetable

Set aside working time and juggle between the carers within your home. Check out Lauren’s Instagram @huntersandheels she has some fab ideas! They have used a free timetable download from @fraserandparsley they have some other great print outs to make your life easier also!

family cutting figures, arts and crafts

  • Plan A Mixture Of Activities Throughout The Day

Discover some great ideas:

  1. Rainbow hunt! There are lots of families around the UK putting a rainbow in their windows for the kiddies to spot whist out getting some fresh air! Why not make one of these to go in your window?
  2. Chalk art – decorate your drive to give passers by a smile on their faces! Checkout #VANDALETTERING for some great inspirations! Launched by @happyevercrafter give her a follow for some great uplifting hand lettered quotes!
  3. Arts and crafts, set a different theme for each week, have a look on Pinterest for a whole range of ideas!
  4. Have a clear out of their rooms
  5. Time in the Garden
  6. School work
  7. Helping out making the food and clearing up
  8. Writing letters to family and elderly neighbours
  9. Create an insect home in your garden
  10. Create a home movie!
  11. Plant a sunflower and watch it grow
  12. Grow your own vegetables, potatoes are super easy to do!
  13. Board Games

Family during breakfast

  • Creating A Snack Shop

To stop the kids from eating you out of house and home and learning about the value of money!

  1. Create a shop with a range of items, healthy snacks and a few treats.
  2. Give them a money limit for the day to spend as they wish, healthy items for cheap and unhealthier items at the more expensive end of the scale!


  • Internet Resources Are Your Friend!
  1. There is a brilliant YouTube channel which has been recently launched by a group of teachers in London, a new story read aloud to them every day giving you a few minutes to catch up on those emails! Discover here the YouTube channel.
  2. Twinkl are giving away a free month’s membership! That’s a whole month of free educational resources and worksheets suitable for a wide range of aged kids in a variety of topics! They also have a fab home-schooling support page! Home schooling is really hard! Hats off to those teachers which do this as a job!
  3. Carol Vorderman, from countdown has setup a great site: The Maths Factor which is offering resources for kids 4-12, which matches the national curriculum, what’s better is now its FREE!

family playing xbox

  • Relax

We know that now more than ever is really stressful, if you get 20 minutes of education in during the day, that is fine. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, think about yourself, take a step back, have an hour to yourself during the day just to relax, let the kids play outside, play on the Xbox and breathe.

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