Growth patterns in children - Easy2name growth charts

Growth patterns in children - Easy2name growth charts


Easy2name look at Patterns of Growth Development

It's something you can see….growth is the physical change in your child's size and weight. What you can't always see is that development is the change in your child's physical, cognitive (learning and thinking), emotional, and social abilities and skills. Growth and development are closely linked. For example, a child's leg muscles and bones must grow and their brain must develop to a certain stage before they are able to walk.

Children's growth

Usually, children's growth and developmental milestones are linked to certain ages. These milestones are broad ranges that show your child is developing as expected. Each milestone has an age range, and your child will reach them at her own pace. Don't be surprised if your child has his first tooth at 4 months, but equally, don't worry if your child is still toothless at 10 months! You can't change, speed up, or slow this pace, but you can still help your child's growth and development in many ways.


All children will have periods of "disequilibrium" as they grow and develop. Disequilibrium is a term used to describe the "out-of-balance" times that happen just before a child enters a new developmental phase. It is an "out-of-sorts" phase that can occur just before learning something new. Your baby may be cranky as she learns to crawl, your toddler may be pushy as she learns to be around other children or your pre-schooler may be frustrated as she gets used to pre-school. For more information, look at the following link: This stage for children often triggers an out-of-balance time for parents, too. Just when you think you have your child sussed out, they can change and you have no idea what to do! As frustrating as this is, disequilibrium can be good for both of you as you learn new skills to deal with a new phase. Growing up is tough work, for parents - and children alike.

Easy2name can help you juggle!

At Easy2name, we understand that being a parent can be a juggling act. To make life that little bit easier for you, we have created a diverse range of naming labels and products, to make keeping your child’s possessions easier to do. They won’t get upset at losing their favourite things and you won’t have to keep replacing lost items, at a hefty cost! In addition, easy2name have a range of funky growth charts, which you can customise to your requirements, in order to keep an eye on their growth and development. Take a look at our website at or give us a call on 01635 298326 to order your labels and bespoke names items. We provide a fast and friendly service……so don’t delay!
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