Fun Kids-friendly Green Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Cake with shamrock shapes

On 17th March, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated globally to honour the Irish patron saint, St. Patrick. In the United Kingdom, St. Patrick’s Day is particularly celebrated in Irish pubs with people typically wearing green clothes and drinking beer – lots of beer.

To celebrate and make it a more family friendly and fun experience, we’ve put together some cool ideas of how to celebrate this day with family and friends by preparing fun and green recipes!

Green Devilled Eggs

Green Devilled Eggs for St. Patrick's Day
©Better House Keeper

A delicious and easy snack that can be prepared perfectly at home is devilled eggs. We believe you can influence this and create an Irish version of this tasty starter – and your kids will love the green eggs! Just add a touch of green colouring. Your diners will think it’s a difficult dish to prepare, but you will only need to boil some eggs and mix them with green colouring, water and vinegar! Of course, you can just tell them that you’ve become a kitchen wizard – we won’t tell.

Impress your kids, family or friends, without any effort. Better yet it’s as quick as preparing normal devilled eggs!

Read the full recipe here


Rocket Pesto Chicken

Pasta With Rocket Pesto And Chicken
© Taste of Home

Are you a pasta fan? All kinds of pasta dishes can be a great choice to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The only requirement that the dish will need to meet is to contain green ingredients. (Getting your 5-a-day in a fun and colourful way. YAY!)

A full variety of greens can be added to a pasta dish, but one of our favourites is this original and tasty recipe from Taste of Home. Some of the ingredients that you will need to create this appetising recipe are fresh rocket, chicken, zucchini, tomatoes and lots of grated parmesan! Click here to see the full rocket pesto recipe

Spinach Quiche


Spinach and mushrooms quiche
© The Stay At Home Chef

A quiche is a delicious French dish that is very successful for dinner parties or celebrating days such as St Patrick’s Day. You can always make it a little bit healthier by adding as many greens as you want.

One of our favourite recipes is this quiche with spinach and mushrooms with the spinach delivering a tasty, colourful, healthy and most importantly adding the green colour to your dish. Perfect to serve for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

See full recipe here

Traditional Irish Stew


Irish stew
© The Spruce Eats

Even though we have shown you some St Patrick’s Day recipes that can be made green (or greener), we can’t forget the traditional Irish Stew! There isn’t a better way to commemorate this date than by preparing some traditional Irish cuisine.

It’s likely most Irish families have their own method of making stew by adding their own ingredients. However, the Spruce Eats Stew recipe is a simple recipe with the basic ingredients included that will make your Irish stew look and taste great!

Green Irish Brownies

Green Brownies For St. Patrick's Day
© Land O’Lakes

Who doesn’t think that brownies are yummy? All celebrations need to have a delicious homemade dessert preferably with lots of chocolate if you ask us! This perfect dessert enables you to create the best combination in one dish: chocolate and mint. Plus the added green layer makes a fun addition to the traditional brownie.

The slight touch of peppermint on the frosting will make this dessert appetising. Also, it is a great way to bake something that your kids will love taking part of.

Best Irish Brownie Recipe


Cakes with Shamrock Shapes


Cake with shamrock shapes
© Taste of Home


If you’re not a big fan of chocolate or mint – or the combination in itself – you have many other choices. You can prepare your favourite cake and give it a special touch with a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter!

Even if the outside it doesn’t look like an Irish themed dish, your guests will be very surprised when they cut the cake.

Learn how to add shamrock-shaped to your cakes


St. Patrick’s Green Beer


Green Beer For St. Patrick's Day
© Delish

For those who want to indulge in a beer, we have a little twist that may be of interest!

To recreate the Irish atmosphere, you can add a couple of drops of green colouring to your drink and see the immediate transformation. Your green beer will look amazing and will impress anyone around – guaranteed!

With Easy2name you can also include personalised ribbons to each dish to make your St. Patrick’s Day even more special. We have a variety of personalised ribbons that your smaller ones, family and friends will absolutely love. Discover all our labels from iron-on, to stick-on to woven labels!

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