Great Ways To Put Your EasyStamp to Good Use

Easy 2 Name - 472

Our Easy2name EasyStamp has so many uses; we just wanted to show you how versatile it is and just how many different items you could use it on.

It is primarily designed for labelling school or nursery clothing like shirts, dresses and ties for example, but the EasyStamp is particularly brilliant to use to label swimming gear, socks and tights, as it isn’t a label – it stretches with the fabric. A traditional tape doesn’t have so much give in them so the EasyStamp is a great way to label almost anything, the standard items but also the more unusual.

Children get through so many shoes; school shoes, wellies, plimsolls, trainers, ballet and tap shoes – the list goes on but there is no need to worry about a new label each time, just stamp them.

We get a lot of requests for the best way to label bedding too; for boarding schools, care homes and holiday homes who need to label name sheets, duvets, covers and pillowcases; quickly and easily. The EasyStamp is always advised as it marks clearly, withstands hot washes and has a no hassle application.

The EasyStamp can also be used on most stationery; books, pencil cases, highlighters etc. Just make sure it dries fully so it doesn’t smudge.


Furthermore, the EasyStamp will work to label wood and metal so on all those other awkward bits of equipment that need naming can be done like cricket bats and tennis rackets, as well as any phones or Ipods that you don’t want to loose. Don’t forget the other sundries that are taken away on school trips or camps like plastic bowls, plates, hairbrushes, sun cream and ski equipment; The EasyStamp can label all these too.


You can get your EasyStamp here from Easy2name.

The Easy2name Team.