Festive Fun for Kids: Creative Christmas Crafts and Activities

Festive Fun for Kids: Creative Christmas Crafts and Activities

Festive Fun for Kids: Creative Christmas Crafts and Activities

Christmas season is finally upon us. This Christmas may be different from usual, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be any less special. In the run up to Christmas day, your little ones will no doubt be running around and getting excited about Santa’s imminent visit. So, why not use that excess energy and get their little minds thinking creatively to get into the Christmas spirit. We love the festive season and we wanted to share our yuletide joy with some great fun crafty ideas to keep your little ones entertained.

Homemade wreaths

This is a brilliant idea to get all the kids involved and you can proudly display it on your front door. Firstly, all you need is a large metal or plastic ring, or if you fancy ordering from somewhere like Hobbycraft, you can find some great rattan grapevine wreaths as your foundation to decorate. Then it is time to go outside and explore nature with your little ones for supplies. You can use anything from leaves and pine cones to berries and acorns. We love a sprig of holly too – but make sure your kids are careful with their hands! Why not finish it off with a bit of glitter or a few bows to add an extra bit of glamour to it? Or add a few cinnamon sticks and dried orange to your wreath so that everyone who visits gets a whiff of Christmas as they walk through the door?



Dress the tree with homemade decorations

There are so many different tree decorations you can make with your kids. We love marbled baubles as they really brighten up the tree – and kids really enjoy making them! You can even string them up with some of our personalised ribbon so your budding artists can show off which ones they made to whoever visits. You can also make some super cute ornaments using twigs, embroidery thread and craft glue. You are only limited by your imagination so get creative from trees to stars or even a reindeer. Give it a try! For a simple Christmas tree decoration simply get the kids to spray paint some pine cones for a more natural look, or if you’re looking for a classic, crack out that paper and scissor set, and create some unique snowflakes.



Simple but pretty paper crafts

You don’t need a big craft box to make some pretty Christmas decorations. There is so many different things you can make with just paper, scissors and if required, some glue. We love to make the classic snowflakes and beautiful angels with ours. You could even make finger puppets and get them to put on a show for you.



Festive Sports

If you want to make something with the kids to keep them amused, why not get them making a Christmas themed game. One of our favourites is Snowman bowling. All you need is paper, glue, a ball and some old tin cans and you have your own festive bowling game that can keep them occupied for ages.

Festive Cakes and bakes

There is something so comforting about the house smelling of baking so why not get your kids stuck in helping in the kitchen. There are some great Christmas recipes out there that are child friendly (and delicious!) from Christmas shortbread to festive fairy cakes. They could even help prepare some bits for Christmas day dinner.


The festive activities are endless, and they all are inexpensive and take little or no preparation, the perfect combination when you are busy parenting. If you want to make your little ones’ creations extra special, why not personalise them with one of our fun labels. There are a variety of designs so your kids can choose the one they like best to show off their masterpieces to everyone.

Finally, we want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Easy2name.

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