Easy2name Product Success Story

Scottish Beach

At Easy2name, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We strive for perfection and believe that our attention to detail is the key to our success.

Our customer feedback means a lot to us; nothing brings a smile to our faces quicker than reading thorough the wonderful comments from our loyal customers. That said, we’re sure you can imagine how much we were beaming when we heard how fantastically one of our products had fared when truly put to the test on a remote, Scottish beach.

One of our latest testimonials makes for a fantastic Easy2name success story. Lorraine emailed us to congratulate us on the effectiveness and durability of our Stick on Labels after a lost watch was returned to her with our personalised label on the back, still intact two years after she had lost it on a stormy, Scottish beach. We were incredibly proud to hear that our label had truly stood the test of time, remaining stuck tight to Lorraine’s lost watch, even in the unforgiving Scottish winters and being covered and uncovered with salt-water. You can see why we advocate our stick-on labels as being dishwasher safe!

For the full story from Lorraine, please see below:

‘I just wanted to congratulate you on such a good product as we recently had a watch returned to us that had an Easy2name label on the back. The watch was found on a small tidal beach near our cottage & it had been missing for at least 2 YEARS. Your name label stayed on that watch while it was covered & uncovered by the sea twice a day everyday & bashed about on the sand & the rocks for 2 years! It is a very remote part of Scotland where in the winter the storms are ferocious so your label would have been put to the test. Thank you very much for providing a great product & I just thought you should know.  Best Regards Lorraine Peterson’

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