Easy Children's Craft Ideas for the School Holidays

Easy Children's Craft Ideas for the School Holidays
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Easy Children's Craft Ideas for the School Holidays

School holidays are both a blessing and a curse. While it’s lovely to have the kids at home, there are a lot of hours in the day that need to be filled with their entertainment. Fear not! Below is Easy2name’s list of easy craft ideas that kids can make at home that suit all ages and don’t require lots of extra bits and bobs; perfect for those rainy days when inspiration is lacking.


Paper Chains for Celebrations

For things to make with paper, paper chains are an excellent choice to create with your children, particularly around the Christmas or Easter school holidays, because not only do they keep the little ones occupied for a nice amount of time, but at the end of it you’ll have some great decorations! This also works well if you have a family birthday in the holidays as paper chains can so easily be themed to fit any occasion. Pick out red and green card for Christmas, pastels for Easter and the special gal or guy’s favourite colour for birthdays!


A hand holding a paper pinwheels in a jar, outside

Image source: Canva 

If you’re up for a bit of paper origami, have a go at this great pinwheel tutorial by The Spruce Crafts. Pinwheels are a super simple art and crafts idea for kids and make great rainy-day projects which can then be enjoyed again on a sunny day outside in the garden!

Personalised Wall Names

Making DIY name signs to go on their bedroom walls is a fantastic way to get the kids involved in their own room décor and will keep them happily busy for a good while. There are a few ways to create one, depending on the level of effort you want to go to. Firstly, you can easily print out A4 letters of your child’s name and have them colour them in any way they like. Or you could cut out the letter shapes from spare bits of cardboard and use up old knitting wool to make a multicoloured masterpiece by wrapping it around the cardboard and gluing down the ends. Alternatively, you could get your hands on some blank wooden letters (easily found in places like Hobbycraft) and have a painting or decoupage day. If you love the idea of having your kid’s name in their bedroom but want to stay away from the DIY look, check out our Personalised Door Stickers. If you’re in the process of re-vamping your children’s rooms but need some inspiration, have a look at this blog post for Unique Children’s Bedroom Themes and Ideas.

Egg-box Caterpillar

The very hungry caterpillar made out of egg boxes and pipe cleaners

Image source: Canva 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a popular story for young children, so this craft is perfect for your little ones who love to read! It also makes great use of recycling your old egg boxes. Simply cut up some egg boxes into individual cups – you can use as many as you like, depending on how long you want your caterpillar to be – and paint them different shades of green, leaving one to be painted red for the caterpillar’s head. Glue them together and decorate with pipe cleaners or straws for legs and feelers and draw on a smiley face.

Fire-Breathing Dragon

A firm favourite of ours is this fire breathing dragon made of toilet roll! This is another fabulous craft idea for kids with paper and recycled materials. All you need is old toilet or paper towel rolls, scraps of tissue paper, coloured card or paint, several small pom poms, and some googly eyes! This craft will take no more than 10 minutes but will give your children endless hours of fun!

Puppet Show

Three children playing with a DIY cardboard puppet show

Image source: Canva

Homemade puppets are an entertaining and educational craft. Get your children to draw out and colour in a character of their imagination and then help them to cut it out and glue it onto a lolly pop stick or straw. Using some spare cardboard, create and decorate their very own puppet stand, let their imaginations flow, and watch the show commence!


Mess-free Painting

Two children with paint everywhere and their hands raised to the camera

Image source: Canva 

Kids love painting but it can be a real hassle having to clean-up afterwards. This activity is a cool new take on painting for the kids, and it will save you all the mess! For your abstract zip lock painting, just put plain paper into a large zip lock bag, add a few squirts of different coloured paints, close the bag, and let the kids go wild! They’ll have tonnes of fun trying to move the paint around with their hands and you’ll end with some fantastic abstract art and no clean-up pile. This craft is also perfect for little ones who haven’t quite mastered the holding of a paintbrush but are old enough to want to join in.

Hand Painting

If you are up for a bit of mess, hand painting is another quick and simple, sensory activity. The explanation is in the name – let the kids dip their hands in paint to use them as brushes! The best thing with this idea is that you can create so many different themed pictures. For easy painting ideas, from peacocks to Christmas reindeers, check out the many animals you can create here! If you like the Christmas reindeer and need more Christmas crafts, this blog post has all the festive fun ideas you need for kids!

Chalk Drawing

A scene of a house drawn using chalk on the ground

Image source: Canva

If you have a spare bit of tarmac on your drive or a patio, why not get some pavement chalks and let your little ones get imaginative outside on those sunnier days. The chalk can be used for drawing, in a mess-free way, and for timeless games like hopscotch. And the best thing? It’ll be washed away with the rain and soon you’ll have a fresh new canvas to create on all over again!

Free Printables

Colouring is an essential home activity for children and luckily, there are so many great colouring sheets and outlines for them that you can easily print out. Here’s are some lovely Easter-themed printables to get your children ready for Spring! Head over to another Easy2name blog post for other Easter craft ideas.

Painted Rocks

A picture containing several painted rocks with googly eyes

Image source: Canva

Painted rocks are a super cute activity that will leave you with a smile for days! Kids imaginations are big so why not encourage them to make their own googly eye monster rocks that they can make up wild stories about! You’ll find that painted rocks are great to decorate the garden with, or you could even leave them outside for other people to spot and brighten their day!


DIY Slime

A picture of a child stretching out blue slime

Image source: Canva

Making slime has become very popular lately and for good reason – it takes 10 minutes but can be made slightly differently each time, so the joy never ends! It’s a great sensory toy for both young and old and acts as an educational science experiment too. Our favourite is BBC Good Food’s ‘Mermaid Glitter Gloop’ slime recipe idea.

Homemade Musical Instruments

Music has so many benefits to young children. It can act as a stress relief and even help strengthen memory skills! Integrate music with your crafts by trying your hand at some DIY instruments. Musical instruments can be made from almost anything in your house but for some simple ideas that the kids can join in on, try this BBC list.

Homemade Playdough

A picture of different shapes made of playdough

Image source: Canva

Modelling clay for kids is like moths to a flame – once they’ve found it, they just can’t leave, meaning you can keep them easily occupied throughout the school holidays. However, buying every colour of clay under the sun can get expensive, so here’s an effortless way to make your own. Incorporate life skills into this activity by letting the kids follow the recipe and help you make it.

Bracelet or Keychain Making

For older kids, bracelet or keychain making is a great task and fiddly enough that it will keep them entertained and busy for a good few hours. Find yourself a set of beads and string from a craft shop or use old buttons and other odds and ends you have lying around, to create glamourous jewellery items for the whole family!

No- Sew Sock Bunnies

A group of stuffed animals

Image source: Canva

Give old socks a new lease of life with this imaginative tutorial that turns them into cuddly toys! We love this activity for children as it teaches them some basic craft skills and leaves them with a new friend at the end! Have a go and let us know how they turn out over on our Instagram @Easy2namelabels For fans of the no-sew method, our no-sew no-iron labelling products will be right up your street! Are you looking for seasonal craft ideas? We have blog posts on Autumn, Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day crafts too so you’ll be set with amazing activities for all occasions! Do you find your craft bits & bobs end up in different containers all around the house? Get organised by labelling what’s what with our personalised stick-on labels.

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