DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

easy2name mothers day gift ideas

Sometimes the best gifts are those that come straight from the heart, the gifts that have taken great thought, meaning and creativity.  Mothering Sunday falls on Sunday 31st March this year, so however you’re spending it, whether in a church, out for lunch or just having some quality family time, ensure you have the unique gift sure to put a smile on her face.

This mother’s day ensure your children gift their mother something they’ve made with their own little hands, with Easy2Name’s range of fun and crafty DIY present ideas! All quick, easy and personalised, some might require some supervision however if you don’t want things to get a little messy!

Canvas Prints Gift

Whether you choose to do a family photoshoot or let your children run wild with the paint brush, create a design that your mum will treasure forever and hang up in pride for everyone to see. Let your children design their own artwork, choose the colours and let their imaginations run wild, from flowers and love hearts to family portraits, the opportunities are endless.

If you are planning to choose a photograph on canvas design, Shutterfly have a range of canvas designs and prints to ensure yours is personalised, just the way she likes it!

easy2name mothers day DIY gifts - children painting

Unique Keyrings Gifts

Why not create a gift that’s going to be on her all of the time? Every time she picks up her keys she’ll think of you and your children, and depending on how bright, might even prevent her from losing her keys. We love these designs from This Is Lady Land, allowing your children to run wild with colours, easily thread on beads and tie knots in wool, making them bright, using her favourite colours and designs.

If you want to make this gift more visual, personalised photo keyrings from Photobox are a great way to ensure she’s always got her loved ones with her everywhere she goes.

Simple Jewellery Designs

What mother doesn’t love jewellery? The best mother’s day gift is jewellery, but it will be even better if it’s made by the children! Wonderful DIY have created a number of different designs with a variety of materials. From woven bracelets, to beaded bangles, and even felt pendants. There is something on here for all ages of children to try and create a beautiful piece for their mother to cherish.

We also love Resin Crafts ideas for meaningful pieces sure to be loved, listing a variety of sources with a number of ideas for your children to get stuck into!

easy2name mothers day children cooking

Food Gifts For Mother’s Day

Whoever said food is a way to a ladies heart would be totally right! Why not get your children busy in the kitchen, from breakfast to sweet treats, BBC Good Food have a range of yummy snacks that will be more than appreciated by any mother this Mother’s Day!

From pancakes, fritters and eggs for breakfast to brownies, truffles and scones to gift, find the one that will make their mother smile, we’d love to hear what you tried and tested. Our favourites are the tutti-frutti rounds, yum!

Grow Love for Mother’s Day

Why not make something a mother can get great use out of, a practical present with lots of meaning? Creating your own DIY planters are great, the options are endless, whether for an indoor or outdoor plant, for flowers, vegetables or herbs! The Crate Paper Blog have some fabulous designs for you to recreate. Why not create a herb garden for easy access to a range of flavours when she’s cooking, as well as designing the planters around your kitchen design.

All using recycled materials, creative and personalised designs as well as encouraging your children to get involved with gardening and learning where their foods come from.

Original Vases as a Gift

She can never have enough flowers, and you never have enough vases to put them in! No matter the occasion, people always buy flowers, valentines, Christmas, dinner parties etc. however, often people never have enough vases! This Mother’s Day, help your children create a practical but also thoughtful and personalised gift she can use over and over again.

Play Ideas have created a range of designs using paints, crafts, wool, wire and even Lego! No matter her taste, find something your children will love creating as much as she will love receiving.

easy2name mothers day flowers

Mother’s Day Decoration Gift

Not all gifts have to have a specific purpose or use, but sometimes they are given just to create happiness. Hobby Craft have a great range of Paint Your Own ornaments that your children can paint with their mum in thought, choosing an object she would love, painting in colours to her taste, simply to put on display and make her smile!

From jewellery boxes and frames, to unicorns and butterflies, even a garden gnome!

We hope you found our Mother’s Day ideas helpful, creative and fun. We would love to know which personalised gifts you created in March, which your children loved the most and which their mother loved too! Or even any new ideas you had, we’d love to hear about your creations.

Did you know that Easy2name have a range of craft labels and ribbons to personalise your gifts further? With a wide range of colours, letterings and motifs, be sure to add that extra personal touch to your Mother’s Day gifts.