Create a Night Sky Guide for Your Kids and Enjoy Astronomy

Astronomy activity for kids

Are your children interested in the night sky? If they still haven’t had the chance to discover this amazing world, we’ll give you some ideas that they will love!

Stargazing with children is a fun night activity and is a great way for the family to learn more about astronomy and space. Discover how to make astronomy fun for kids without expensive telescopes.

  1. Kids Can Discover Their Age If They Are on Another Planet

Time moves differently across space and depending where you are. Play with your kids to determinate what their age would be on other planets and pretend that they are aliens. By using the Exploratorium Site, kids can calculate their age on other worlds.

This would also make a great and interesting themed garden party if they were to fancy dress as aliens from another planet! If you’re planning to do a birthday party inspired by each planet, the decoration will be key to create a better atmosphere. Easy2name offers personalised ribbons that your smaller ones will absolutely love. Discover all our labels from iron-on, to stick-on to woven labels or check out our space themed Bright and Brilliant name labels in multiple ranges: large stickers, mini stickers or StickEasy clothing stickers!

  1. Storytelling About the Moon and Stars

In our experience, kids love hearing a story, but they enjoy it even more if they can think big and are stimulated by their surroundings. Observing the night sky whilst they are hearing about the birth of stars and what’s ‘out there’ will help them maintain interest and let their imagination run wild.

Also, story time is great to introduce children to new topics and increase their knowledge. You can find fantastic books to read about the moon, stars and space that your kids will love and will learn from:

With thse books, you will be able to answer all of your kid’s questions in an informed way and learn together about astronomy. You never know, you might have a budding astronomist in your company!

  1. Let Your Kids Connect The Dots in The Sky

After having fun with storytelling, you can encourage your kids to use their imagination by discovering the constellations and connecting the star dots. You can make it even more fun by including food as part of the game!

Make them draw the constellations that they can see in the sky, and each of the stars that are drawn can have a Malteser placed upon them. Ask your children to then let their creativity flow and develop the constellation into the image it represents. Once the constellation drawing is done, the family will need to guess which animal/object is drawn, so the drawer can eat the Maltesers stars!

This is an interactive way to boost their imagination and help them to engage with the family as well as have an educational experience.

  1. Sit Outside and Locate Real Constellations


Instead of spending your evening watching TV, go outside with the kids and print some of the most popular constellations. Then, ask your children to find them! Make sure that the sky is clear and that you have a comfortable place to sit because this activity will probably take a little while!

If you can’t find anything, don’t give up! There are plenty of mobile apps that help you identify the constellations that are above you, right from your phone.

The most popular app is SkyView for iPhone or SkyView for Android. You can simply point your smart device at the sky to identify stars, constellations, planets, and satellites.

  1. Visit a Planetarium or Observatory

If your children are taking a keen interest in astronomy, it might be fun to plan a day out to a planetarium or observatory. After reading about the moon and stars, creating their custom models of constellations, going outside for star gazing and even discovering their birthday dates and ages in other planets, they will love to go on a trip.

Whilst there, your kids will be able to really appreciate the enormity and fascination of space, through high-quality telescopes and learn more about the night sky. There are quite a few planetariums that are out of this world in the UK, so it’s worth looking at ones closest to you.

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