Christmas Lunch Box Ideas

easy2name merry christmas

Christmas is a time for celebrations, joy and giving, so why not give your children the lunchbox of their dreams this festive period to get them feeling like Christmas came early! Especially as children are often still in school right up until a few days before Christmas, it is great to ensure those last few days are fun filled and festively themed!

Below we have collated a list of the most creative and tasty lunchbox treats that you and your children can make together that are both nutritious and fun.


Cookie cutters can be easy to use but effective in their designs, why not try Star or Christmas tree shape sandwiches. Not only to be used on sandwiches, you can also use them on tortillas, pancakes, fruit and cheese!

You can change the shape, but you can also keep the flavours festive too! Turkey, brie and cranberry is a personal favourite, along with king prawn and avocado or Camembert and cranberry.

Don’t fancy a sandwich? Why not try these delicious Snowman bagels – using a baby carrot as the nose and chocolate chips or raisins, if you prefer, for eyes and a mouth.

christmas snowman bagels - Easy2Name

If you don’t own any festive cookie cutters, not to worry you can make a Rudolph with a regular heart cutter, just add pretzels and red skittles or M&Ms for the nose and chocolate chip or raisin eyes.

Easy2Name christmas reindeer sandwich

You could also take it one step further with these delicious Pitta Christmas trees – if you’re looking to keep things healthier, you can make your own guacamole or humus and add lots of chopped veg (we found that peppers worked the best!) for baubles.

Easy2Name Christmas Pitta Bread


Ensuring your little ones eat their 5 a day can be tricky, but when you make it visual and fun, it is a whole lot easier and much less of a challenge!

By using an easy peel orange or satsuma you can carefully tear yourself a cute Penguin orange, all you need is a black marker pen for the eyes! Not only does it look great, but it starts off the peeling for them, making it easier for them to get to the citrus treat.

Easy2Name christmas penguin orange

If you want to add a little more of a treat to their fruit snacks, try Santa fruit skewers – including bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, smarties and sprinkles for decoration!

easy2name christmas fruit skewers

If they deserve a little more of a treat, these yummy Penguin bananas are a little bit naughty but still a way to get their 5 a day. Bananas dipped in chocolate with coloured smarties.

easy2name christmas chocolate penguin bananas

Another idea we love are these Mini fruit Grinches, with an assortment of strawberries, grapes and bananas, with a mini marshmallow on top!

easy2name christmas fruit grinch

Keeps things in the Christmas colours, create a fun and healthy fruit and veg pot including red and green apples, cucumbers and tomatoes, bell peppers and broad beans, raspberries and grapes, pomegranate and kiwis, get creatives whilst getting your children enjoy their 5 a day.

easy2name christmas fruit veg


Getting your children involved in cooking and baking is great for them to learn about where foods come from, how it is prepared and how certain dishes are made! Why not let your children help you make some homemade treats so they’ll know enjoy eating them that little bit more, as well as showing their friends their handy work.

Sauce Pan Kids have released their recipes for easy bake mince pies, only 20 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes in the oven, get your kitchen smelling festive whilst making these festive treats!

easy2name easy mince pies

If you fancy something a little more challenging, why not try BBC Good Food simple gingerbread house, get creative with decorations, add your children’s favourite sweets and watch their imaginations run wild!

easy2name gingerbread house

Do you want a smaller treat? The trend at the moment seems to be Christmas cake pops, try an assortment of characters and flavours, our favourite is Rudolf and the snowman.

easy2name reindeer cake pops

easy2name snowman cake pops

What about Mars bar rice crispy Christmas puddings? Although not the healthiest, these small treats can be enjoyed in moderation. A mixture of Mars bar, white chocolate, rice crispies and smarties, what’s not to love? With the option of mixing in dried fruit too.

easy2name mars crispy christmas puddings

We hope you found our treats both helpful and fun. We would love to know which yummy foods you created over the festive period, which your children loved the most and which you put in your lunch box too!

If your children loved helping you create their holidays treats, be sure to label their lunchboxes and Tupperware boxes with our assorted designs of dishwasher, steriliser and microwave safe name labels. As part of our Fab and Funky Stick-On range we have a variety of fun themed name labels they’d absolutely love, also ensuring they get to enjoy their treats themselves, as we know their friends will be envious of their delicious snacks!