Egg and Spoon Race Summer Activity with Children

Back Garden Olympics

Stuck for ideas for summer holiday fun? Take a look at Easy2name’s back garden Olympic games! Children will love learning new games & cheering each other on!

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Homemade Thank You Gift plant pot

Homemade Gifts for Great Teachers

Stuck for ideas on how to gift the perfect thank you gift to your child’s favourite teacher? Your child will be so proud to give these homemade gift ideas.

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Wimbledon Inspired Tennis Party

Wimbledon is upon us, so why not celebrate and get in the spirit with a little tennis party for the family. Play some tennis games, simply but good competitive fun. Try: 1. Hitting a ball against a wall with a racket, stand further away each time 2. Bounce a ball off a racket and turn […]

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Summer Bucket List

Summer 2017 Bucket List

Why not have a bucket list for the summer, things for everyone in the family to do. Here’s our summer 2017 bucket list, how many things can you do?

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Easy2name timeline

Take a look at how far we’ve come in since we started in 2000 and check out our key milestones for each year in our infographic timeline!

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