A picture of a dad and his young daughter playing in the foreground while a mum watches, smiling, in the background

What Type of Parent are You?

Find out what type of parent you are. In any parent’s friend group, we guarantee there will be at least one of each of the following 5 parent types.

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Ideas to Spend a Safe and Fun Summer in the UK

The lockdown rules have been relaxed allowing you and your family to enjoy a short break over the summer. Here are some fun and safe examples for the whole family.

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easy2name mothers day gift ideas

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving? Explore Easy2Name’s DIY gift ideas that your children can hand craft, making them that little bit more personal!

Teaching Mindfulness to Children Easy2Name

Teaching Mindfulness to Children

Keep it regular and try something new, teaching mindfulness to your children is simple. Ensure your children notice the everyday with our latest mindfulness tips and activity ideas.

School shoe labels in black school shoes

School Uniforms – What Needs to be Labelled?

Read our guide to labelling; what exactly should be named and which name tape is best for the job for your child’s school uniform and related school items.

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