Healthy School Snack Ideas

The children are back to school, and now we need to pack lunches for the little darlings! Whether you are a ‘night before’ or a morning maker, the challenge to keep it interesting and edible and adhere to the schools rules can be tiring. Here we will discuss some healthy ideas that won’t leave room […]

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5 favourite car games to keep children entertained on long journeys

  Just picture it, a wonderful “stay-cation” with the whole outdoors to explore and relax in. But before you can enjoy it there is the long car journey with the little darlings to endure… Okay, so the dread most people feel when faced with the idea of being in a confined space with tethered children […]

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Labelling the Easy2name Way

Making sure your child starts the new school year with everything labelled can be a daunting task, particularly if you go down the traditional embroidered Sew on Name Tape route, but there’s really no need to go to all that trouble. Here at Easy2name we offer the perfect solution – the StickEasy label! Developed by […]

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Holiday Packing

The summer holidays are finally here YAAYYYY!! If you’re lucky enough to be going away, here are some helpful packing tips and advice that you may find useful. Check your luggage allowance. All airlines have different weight limits so be sure to check how much you can take. Buy luggage scales to save from expensive […]

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5 items mums should always keep in their handbags

Handbags always seem so heavy. trying to use a normal handbag can result in broken straps due to overloading; and the sad part is that is really isn’t necessary to cart around so much “stuff”, or is it? So what do we need? If you look in your own bag and ask friends and family, […]

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