easy2name occupying children on long journeys

How To Keep Your Children Occupied On Long Journeys

Discover Easy2Name’s list of ideas to keep the whole family entertained for hours on long journeys over the Easter holidays and Summer break – from modern technologies to old fashioned note pad and pen.


Easy2name Camping Gear Suggestions

Ensure you are prepared for anything when you go camping this year! Check our Eay2Name’s top purchases in shops this year for your perfect break away with your family.


Easy2name’s Favourite Camping Spots

Are you thinking of going camping this year, but are unsure where to go? Check out Easy2Name’s top camping spots in the UK, we promise you’ll enjoy whether you want a BBQ or long walks along the beach!

Personalised name labels on travel kit

How to travel stress free with children

Easy2name provide information on ID Wristbands for child safety purposes and Named Luggage Straps for suitcases so you don’t have to worry when travelling.

Picture of Fab & Funky Allergy Labels

Lunchbox Labels for Safety:

Advice for Children with Allergies If you are a parent with a child who suffers from moderate to severe food allergies, sending a special lunch to school is often the best preventative measure to ensure your child’s safety. Not only can you plan a meal that is healthy but also closely monitor what your child […]