Festival Party

With the festival season now upon us why not have a family festival party at home. Here’s 8 fun tips and ideas from Easy2name to get you started.

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Sack Race at Sports Day

Top Tips for Your First Sports Day

Ready to cheer on your little one at their very first sports day? Easy2name has all the tips you need to make it a great day for you and your child.

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Top UK Staycation Destinations and Tips

Staycations are more popular than ever. Here are Easy2name’s top 7 favourite Staycation destinations that we enjoy visiting on a family break in the UK.

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Young boy reading on the sofa

Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Read More

Encouraging children to read has always been a challenge, but our blog post is full of handy tips on how to encourage your child to read more.

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Child eating breakfast

Labels for kids – to make Year 6 SATS a little less daunting!

Easy2name wish all year 6 pupils ‘Good luck’ with their SATS tests this week. Children can often feel nervous and even daunted, so read our tips for parents.