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Nursery Name Labels and Tags

Starting nursery can be a stressful time but our labels will make it a lot easier. Often nurseries will ask you to label everything. The essential product will be steriliser, dishwasher proof stickers to label bottles and toys, shoes and wellies. Choose from our original stick on name labels or the colourful Fab and Funky Range, the designs can make it easier for little ones to recognise their own belongings. For clothes you can use our iron on printed Easytape nametapes, iron or sew on woven labels, or StickEasy labels which simply stick to the care labels. Either choose our Easy2name Stickeasys or from the Fab and Funky range, which include designs. Our shoe bags are large enough to take a change of clothes into nursery and with your child's name embroidered onto the bag to ensure your bag isn't picked up by another parent.

Sticky Starter Pack

  • Great value pack
  • Includes stickers, Easy2name StickEasy's and shoe label
  • Quick Delivery
  • Simple and easy to use

Stick on labels

Perfect for labelling bottles, beakers and shoes. They will withstand the dishwasher, steriliser and freezer.


Apply these easily to all your little ones spare clothes for nursery, ensuring they don't get mixed up with everyone else's.

Fab and Funky Nursery Pack

A colourful value pack to name everything going to nursery.

Shoe bag

A strong drawstring nylon bag to keep everything together, and personalised with a name to make sure it isn't picked up by someone else.

Fab and Funky Bag Tag

A colourful plastic card tag to label a bag you already have. With full colour pictures to help your little ones recognise their things.