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World Book Day


worldbookday2014Today, 6th March 2014 is World Book Day. Lots of children are dressing as their favourite book characters. Are yours? And what are they? We would love to know the most popular.

The website has lots of fun activities, resources and events to look up, and even some top story books for just a £1. From nursery to secondary age, it’s got lots of ideas.

Our favourite books in the office are: Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (in fact any Roald Dahl classic), The Rainbow Fish, The Blue Balloon, Topsy and Tim, Mr Men, We’re going on a bear hunt and of course, Peter Rabbit.




Pancake Day – 4th March 2014


pancake2014Pancake Day is soon to be upon us. We love Mary Berry at Easy2name so here is her classic pancake recipe:

BASIC PANCAKES – from Mary Berry’s Complete Cook Book

250g (8oz) Plain Flour
3 eggs, lightly beaten
250ml (8fl oz) milk
250ml (8fl oz) water
75ml (21/2 oz) sunflower oil, plus
extra for frying
20 t0 23cm (8 to 9in) frying pan

* Sift the flour into a bowl and make a well in the middle. Add the eggs and a little of the milk and gradually blend in the flour. Whisk together the remaining milk, measured water and oil and sift into the flour mixture. The recipe says leave to stand for 30 mins but we’ve always found it works fine if you use it straight away!

* Heat the frying pan. Brush with a little oil and pour in batter. Roll around the pan until it covers well. Cook for one minute, turn (or flip!) and cook second side until golden.

Delicious with sugar and lemon or limes. Or add a dollop of ice cream and even some Baileys. We also love them spread with Nutella chocolate (and cream!) and rolled up French crepe style.

* Make approx 10 to 15 pancakes depending on how large your frying pan is and how thick you like your pancakes.

Tip: You can also make a stack of these pancakes earlier and when you want to eat them, simply reheat in microwave or fry lightly again on each side. They will also keep rolled up in your fridge to eat next day.







It’s still that time of year for the great classic British Pantomime. This year several Easy2name employees have taken part in the local village production of ‘Aladdin’.

We’ve been practising each week for the past few months and the show date has soon come round. The clever writers have given it a modern twist by adding TOWIE’s to the character list in the form of Yasmin and her friends. We have been fake tanned to the hilt and our nails were immaculate.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a wonderful community project that not only gave us plenty of laughs but raised money for charity too. Have you taken part in any stage shows this winter?


pantoTOWIES panto


Christmas Cake Recipe


CakeIt is that time of year again where you very much get into the Christmas mode by starting your Christmas Cake. I made my very first cake last year and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and cannot wait to start my second this year. I followed a Mary Berry recipe last year which I would thoroughly recommend. I think the key to a successful cake is to plan ahead. Below is the recipe I used.
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Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense Classes


Employee Claire takes her little one to a local toddler class called toddler sense, it carries on from the baby sensory classes. It is all designed with baby development activities to stimulate all the senses. From singing with sign language, climbing up and over soft play obstacles to interacting with other little ones amongst many other things. Claire and little Chloe really love the classes and can’t recommend them enough. Find out about your local classes via the website Continue reading »


EasyTag review by Purplemum



Robo Boy started school this week, even though I’m putting my hands over my ears and singing “lalala it’s not happening” it is, and that is that. He had a very good first day and came home full of beans. Prior to him starting I attended a information meeting for parents. During the meeting there was a 15 min talk (I kid you not) about using name labels. Continue reading »


Cake & Bake Show


Cake & Bake ShowEasy2name employees Holly & Amy ventured to London on Saturday to visit the Cake & Bake Show. Much to their delight they met several of the Great British Bake Off Contestants (old and present). Continue reading »


The Celebration Tent


We have just come across this amazing company ‘The Celebration Tent’. A unique and fabulous eye-catching addition to any celebration ~ children’s birthday party, teenager’s birthday party, wedding, christening, naming day, baby shower, or a general gathering of family and friends. It’s an exciting hideaway for your party entertainer/entertainment and a great ‘sleepover’ venue too…! Continue reading »


Label It Smart:


Choosing Clothing Labels for Children

As we get ready to return to the new school term, parents are getting ready for “back to school” by planning and purchasing uniforms and athletic kit for the year. But who has the time to sew labels into children’s clothing?

Apparently Kate and Pippa Middleton’s Mom. According to a recent post in The Guardian “How Do You Label Your Children’s Clothes” Mom’s everywhere are struck with the task of not only sending their children to school with the appropriate uniform or kit, but ensuring that those articles actually return home. In an interview with Tatler Magazine, Carole Middleton admitted to hand sewing her children’s name into their clothing each year.

It sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Why bother labelling the clothing at all? Well, being a Mum of four boys makes me an expert on the topic, and the Easy2name business was set up in 2000 inspired by my own struggle to keep track of my children’s belongings. We make and dispatch labels every day for nursery, school, care home and craft use, we can even make labels with your own team or business logo as well. Continue reading »


Lunchbox Labels for Safety:


Advice for Children with Allergies

If you are a parent with a child who suffers from moderate to severe food allergies, sending a special lunch to school is often the best preventative measure to ensure your child’s safety. Not only can you plan a meal that is healthy but also closely monitor what your child is eating to avoid reactions to other foods that may contain allergens. If a child has a significant risk of anaphylaxis, it is the first line of defence.

However carefully you monitor what your child eats there is always the concern that they will come into contact with allergens outside the home, and the highest risk of that occurring is during the school day. While teachers and lunch supervisors do their best to adhere to allergy precautions, there is a chance that your child’s lunch may become misplaced or mixed up with someone else. And while that is a minor inconvenience for most children, for a child with severe food allergies it can be life threatening.
What steps can parents take to further reduce the risk of severe allergic reaction to food during the school day? There are a number of ways in fact to help ensure your child avoids unknown foods as well as ways to help educate your child to understand why they need to be careful.
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