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Labels and Tags for clothes – Lost something today?


Labels and Tags for clothes






A total of 3,680 hours or 153 days is spent searching for ‘stuff, over our lifetimes. Three quarters of all misplaced possessions occur in the home, with others losing things in the workplace and car every day!

It is a fact that in the UK, we spend ten minutes every day rummaging for lost items, from books and phones to car keys and even the cars themselves! sure, on 3,000 people.

Kids are much worse, leaving belongings for others to pick up and rescue! Bags, clothes, pencil cases, shoes – you name it – it’s left scattered all over place! The school lost property box will be a breeze if your little darlings have their belongings named, with suitable labels.

Easy2Name have an amazing range of labels, to suit every item. Simple to use and hard wearing, bespoke label options can be ordered without fuss and items are delivered quickly.

If you are not sure what you need, the team at Easy2name are friendly and knowledgeable and can be contacted by phone, e-mail or instant messaging.

For more information, call us on 01635 298326 or look at

Out of interest, here are the top 20 most lost items:

1. Mobile / smartphone

2. Coat

3. Car Keys/house keys

4. Bag

5. Sunglasses / spectacles

6. Purse / wallet

7. Lip balm

8. Hair brush

9. Gloves

10. Clothing

11. Umbrella

12. Book


Labels and tags for clothing – residential care and nursing homes








Finding the right care home can take some time. If you have specific or complex care needs it can sometimes be difficult. Charities and organisations related to your specific disability might be able to offer advice about choosing a home.

Easy2name note that the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) inspects all registered homes and produce reports on what they find. Reading the reports on the homes you are considering might help you make a choice.

Minimum standards issued by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety state that care homes should offer trial stays.  If possible, you should visit residential care or nursing homes that you are considering, to make sure they meet your current and possible future needs.

You may have a checklist with you of points that are important to you in case you forget to ask something, which may include:

  • Is it accessible?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is there adequate room for my belongings?
  • Is appropriate equipment available – for example handrails, hoists, adjustable baths and armchairs?
  • Can I have my family and friends to visit/stay?
  • Can you keep your own doctor?
  • Can your food, hygiene and dietary needs be met?
  • Can your religious or cultural needs be met?

Easy2name can help you to make sure that when you move into your selected care home, that your belongings are safe. With our diverse range of labels and tags, which are easy and quick to use, everything that you take with you into the home can be labelled. You will be safe in the knowledge that whether the item needs washing or not, the labels and tags will remain in place.

To order your labels for yourself or a loved one, call us today on 01635 298326. Alternatively, visit our website at


Labels for kids – to make Year 6 SATS a little less daunting!






Easy2name wish all year 6 pupils ‘Good luck’ with their SATS tests this week. Children can often feel nervous and even daunted, which is completely understandable. As a parent, it can be hard to know what to do or say to help.

Here are a few practical ideas on how parents and families can help children:

Give them these 6 Tips:

1.  Prepare all school things the night before so you don’t have to worry about organising themselves in the morning

2. Get a good night’s sleep – you could take a warm bath, have a milky drink before bed

3. Ensure that you have a good breakfast

4. Read the question before you attempt your answer

5. Attempt to answer all of the questions

6. In the morning, leave all of your worries behind you and ‘do your best!’

Easy2name are here to help you with labels, tags and stickers, for every occasion. Easy to use, durable and bespoke, we can supply exactly what suits you and your child.

Call us today on 01635 298326 and talk to our friendly and helpful team, or look at our website at


Growth patterns in children – Easy2name growth charts






Easy2name look at Patterns of Growth Development

It’s something you can see….growth is the physical change in your child’s size and weight. What you can’t always see is that development is the change in your child’s physical, cognitive (learning and thinking), emotional, and social abilities and skills. Growth and development are closely linked. For example, a child’s leg muscles and bones must grow and their brain must develop to a certain stage before they are able to walk.

Children’s growth

Usually, children’s growth and developmental milestones are linked to certain ages. These milestones are broad ranges that show your child is developing as expected. Each milestone has an age range, and your child will reach them at her own pace. Don’t be surprised if your child has his first tooth at 4 months, but equally, don’t worry if your child is still toothless at 10 months!

You can’t change, speed up, or slow this pace, but you can still help your child’s growth and development in many ways.


All children will have periods of “disequilibrium” as they grow and develop. Disequilibrium is a term used to describe the “out-of-balance” times that happen just before a child enters a new developmental phase. It is an “out-of-sorts” phase that can occur just before learning something new. Your baby may be cranky as she learns to crawl, your toddler may be pushy as she learns to be around other children or your pre-schooler may be frustrated as she gets used to pre-school. For more information, look at the following link:

This stage for children often triggers an out-of-balance time for parents, too. Just when you think you have your child sussed out, they can change and you have no idea what to do! As frustrating as this is, disequilibrium can be good for both of you as you learn new skills to deal with a new phase. Growing up is tough work, for parents – and children alike.

Easy2name can help you juggle!

At Easy2name, we understand that being a parent can be a juggling act. To make life that little bit easier for you, we have created a diverse range of naming labels and products, to make keeping your child’s possessions easier to do. They won’t get upset at losing their favourite things and you won’t have to keep replacing lost items, at a hefty cost!

In addition, easy2name have a range of funky growth charts, which you can customise to your requirements, in order to keep an eye on their growth and development.

Take a look at our website at or give us a call on 01635 298326 to order your labels and bespoke names items.

We provide a fast and friendly service……so don’t delay!


Childhood Allergies – Easy2name help with Allergy wrist bands


Kids Wristbands for Traveling


Childhood Allergies – the facts:

Did you know that almost 50% of children in the UK have allergies, and for those affected this can mean a daily battle of trying to keep symptoms under control.

Allergy is when the body has a reaction to a protein (e.g. foods, insect stings, pollens and antibiotics). These substances are called allergens, and for most people they are harmless. Common things that cause allergic reactions include: food (e.g. peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat and fish), pollens from tree and grasses, house dust mite and insect stings.

Allergy symptoms:

Allergic symptoms can affect the nose, throat, ears, eyes, airways, digestion and skin in mild, moderate or severe form.

These symptoms can go largely unnoticed until a child has been suffering with the problem for some time. However, the consequences of suffering with one, or several, of these symptoms every day can cause a child to struggle with their schooling and other general abilities. Concentration levels can be reduced from lack of sleep, or simply from having the symptoms.

Diagnosis and treatment:

The most important fact to remember is that if a child does develop an allergy, with early diagnosis and treatment of this condition, it will be easier to manage the symptoms and help minimise their effects on the child’s daily life. Look to for more information.

How can Easy2name help with your child’s allergies?

If you know that your child has allergies, in particular food allergies, and you need to contain and label their food, medication, and/or remedies, Easy2name can help you, with our extensive range of bespoke labels, tags and named products. We also have a range of allergy labels and wrist bands so that your child’s allergies can be remembered, whatever they are up to.

Look at our website, and order your chosen items, or call us on 01635 298326 and talk to one of our friendly and experienced team members, who are always eager to help.


Label up and Get Active this Summer with Easy2name



Man on top of mountain


Get Ready for Summer with Easy2name!


Whether you like a long walk, a cycle ride or a jog, the dark and dreary nights are no longer an excuse not to exercise, so get out there and enjoy!

Find a training partner who can enjoy the great outdoors with you, if you need a little encouragement.

There are many events being staged all over the UK, to inspire you to put a little time into yourself and feel so much better for doing so! Endorphins are the magic bi-product of exercise that makes us all feel mentally and physically more alert, positive and alive!

If you plan to get back into an exercise routine, look at the Easy2name website at for all of your labelling needs. Easy2name have an established track record (pardon the pun) for quick and efficient delivery of all kinds of label and tag requirements.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you to make your bespoke order painless, so that you can get back to what you love……your sport!

An example of a real challenge to consider working towards (or just going along as a spectator) is the Prudential World Triathlon event 2014 is due to be held in London, from 31st May-1st June 2014. Look at and

This event is part of the ITU World Triathlon Series, which features world-class events, all around the globe in which elite triathletes compete annually to become the ITU World Champion. Each year the Series finishes with a Grand Final where World Championship titles for Elite, U23, Juniors, Para-triathletes and Age Groupers are awarded.




London Marathon



This years London Marathon is took place on Sunday 13th April, and this time round all of us at Easy2name were behind the one and only Adam Brown. Adam is the nephew of one of Easy2name’s employees and most famously known for his part as dwarf Ori in director Peter Jackson‘s trilogy adaptation of The Hobbit. Although for many years previously we loved him performing annually in the local pantomime in Newbury.LondonMarathonAdam

Adam was running for The British Heart Foundation in the London Marathon, in memory of his late father who tragically passed from a heart attack at the end of last year. If you to, would like to support Adam please donate through this link He has now raised nearly £6000 for the fantastic charity.

Well done to Adam and all the brilliant runners.


We personalised Adam’s shirt and many other runners with our iron on large letter transfers, so everyone can shout out their name and cheer them on. If you need any for future events you are taking part in go to this link to purchase them. Only 50p per letter.







Successful Fundraising for Schools and Nurseries




Fundraising is an important part of our company ethos here at Easy2name. We are well aware that all schools and nurseries are always trying to raise money for various projects and we also know that school children have a habit of mislaying items of clothing, books and personal belongings. It was these two things combined that led us to start our fundraising scheme 13 years ago.


The scheme is simple, parents buy our products and we give the school 20% cashback on the orders.

We are very proud of the strong relationship we have with over 4000 schools and nursery groups in the UK. Our most successful schools raise over £1500 with our scheme every single year. By offering 20% cashback on all orders placed, even smaller groups can reap a substantial amount of funds from doing really very little. And we continue to see this as a win-win situation, our groups are very happy to be raising money and we continue to welcome new groups and schools every week.


Of course it is not only schools and nurseries that can benefit, we have numerous Scout & Brownie groups raising funds with us as well as care homes and smaller charitable projects.


St John’s School in Wiltshire came up with a great way of keeping their uniform looking smart by stipulating that all parents buy specific labels from us (see image below) The gold on navy ID tags really stand out, and are used on the outside of PE kit. What a great way to raise even more funds for the school and avoid any lost property. If you are a large school you may want to consider designing your own labels with us?



Click here to view our ID Tags page.


Most importantly you can claim funds from us as often as you like. Simply log in to your account through our website and we pay directly into your bank account.


Could it be any easier?

Click on the link to register with us today:


World Book Day


worldbookday2014Today, 6th March 2014 is World Book Day. Lots of children are dressing as their favourite book characters. Are yours? And what are they? We would love to know the most popular.

The website has lots of fun activities, resources and events to look up, and even some top story books for just a £1. From nursery to secondary age, it’s got lots of ideas.

Our favourite books in the office are: Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (in fact any Roald Dahl classic), The Rainbow Fish, The Blue Balloon, Topsy and Tim, Mr Men, We’re going on a bear hunt and of course, Peter Rabbit.




Pancake Day – 4th March 2014


pancake2014Pancake Day is soon to be upon us. We love Mary Berry at Easy2name so here is her classic pancake recipe:

BASIC PANCAKES – from Mary Berry’s Complete Cook Book

250g (8oz) Plain Flour
3 eggs, lightly beaten
250ml (8fl oz) milk
250ml (8fl oz) water
75ml (21/2 oz) sunflower oil, plus
extra for frying
20 t0 23cm (8 to 9in) frying pan

* Sift the flour into a bowl and make a well in the middle. Add the eggs and a little of the milk and gradually blend in the flour. Whisk together the remaining milk, measured water and oil and sift into the flour mixture. The recipe says leave to stand for 30 mins but we’ve always found it works fine if you use it straight away!

* Heat the frying pan. Brush with a little oil and pour in batter. Roll around the pan until it covers well. Cook for one minute, turn (or flip!) and cook second side until golden.

Delicious with sugar and lemon or limes. Or add a dollop of ice cream and even some Baileys. We also love them spread with Nutella chocolate (and cream!) and rolled up French crepe style.

* Make approx 10 to 15 pancakes depending on how large your frying pan is and how thick you like your pancakes.

Tip: You can also make a stack of these pancakes earlier and when you want to eat them, simply reheat in microwave or fry lightly again on each side. They will also keep rolled up in your fridge to eat next day.